Deploy Delhi TV anchors on LOC to #MakePakPay


Jagtar Singh

Chandigarh, September 20: The TV anchors in Delhi are already “at war” with Pakistan to avenge the recent terrorist attack on army establishment in Uri near the LOC in Kashmir. They are also the new strategists and tacticians who can advise the Narendra Modi government best as to how to proceed.

One English TV channel in its 4.00 pm news revealed as to how the Indian TV newsmen covering UN General Assembly made Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to run away. He had refused to talk to the Indian media. The same channel also announced that Nawaz Sharif went weeping to US Secretary of State John Kerry. The shot was of a normal meeting between the two delegations.

One channel played animation of an Indian soldier firing across the border fence. That perhaps was the TV war game.

Most of these anchors expect Prime Minister Narendra Modi to  do what his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh failed to do.

As the TV anchors intensified their “artillery” attack on Pakistan, Swaraj Abhiyan leader Prashant Bhushan  tried to tweet some sense into this cacophony.

His first tweet: Let us enlist TV/Twitter warriors, Gauraksha bullies, Saffron terrorists, make a platoon & send them first to take 'a jaw for a tooth' in Pak!

And the second one: Those baying for blood in TV studios, wanting to send innocent soldiers to Pak & risk Millions in Nuke war, must offer themselves first for war.

Had it been in their power, the TV wallas would have wiped out the very existence of Pakistan from the world map by now using their lung power. They should move to the border and that too on Punjab side to achieve their objective.

In case of war, the theatre would be Punjab as the Radcliffe Line is through the fields. TV anchors should know that there are villages right upto the border in two Punjabs. It is this region that has always paid maximum cost of the war while at the same time,  maintaining the logistics like providing fresh food to the troops. That has been the experience of the troops both during 1965 and 1971 wars. The border villages were evacuated but those very people maintained the supply line.

Not that there should not be any retaliation. After all, the BJP people  while in opposition had been two hawkish, especially when an Indian soldier was beheaded. One can recall the reaction of now External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. It is a different  situation when the party is in power.

There was also a very interesting suggestion on TV circus show by a retired army chief. He talked of raising Indian Fidayeen. Would any member of his family  be willing to die for a cause?  He should first motivate a member of his own family to sacrifice his life  on the Pakistani soil rather than making somebody other to die for a cause. The four who attacked Uri army establishment had come prepared to die.  How many from the families of politicians, IAS fraternity or TV warriors are in the armed forces? It is the people from the lower strata who join the army  as a soldier to earn a living. It is not easy to prepare a person to die for a cause, whatever the cause might be.


TV anchors  and political hawks should motivate their “patriotic” family members to serve the country by joining the armed forces. In case they die, they too would be martyrs. They sent their teams to cover cremations of the martyrs of Uri. Now they should focus on those very families after about a month again so that they realise what it means to be at war. It is these families from the weaker sections that pay for the war with their lives.

Ram Madhav of the RSS talked of jaw for a tooth. A brave statement indeed. But then, who would do it?

There are families in Punjab who are still waiting for their dear ones missing since the 1971 war.

Trying to be hawkish while in opposition or fighting war on TV screens is different the wars on the ground.

There has to be an end to what is happening in Kashmir or for that matter in Punjab and none would disagree with that. It has to be ensured that there is no repetition of the likes of attack in Uri. Punjab witnessed two major attacks last year, the first at Dinanagar and the second one at the nearby Pathankot airbase. Pathankot could have been a major disaster. Uri is the third in that series.


Jagtar Singh


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