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How eating more cheese and having sex can help you live longer

The right diet is considered crucial for a healthy and long life as well as a better sex life, while a good time in bed is also credited with getting rid of fatigue, stress and prevention of several health issues.

Cheese is something that is essential in numerous popular delicacies across the world and is irresistible to people, but is also considered bad for health primarily due to its high saturated fat content. But cheese has something that is found to help people live longer and it also makes cheese similar to sex, which is also known to increase life expectancy.

As bizarre as it may sound, a compound name spermidine is found to have surfaced in certain kinds of cheese and it was originally isolated from human semen. Spermidine can help people live longer since it’s crucial to cell survival and growth. This is exactly why both cheese and sex give you a healthier lifestyle in a similar way.

A study conducted on 800 people found that those eating cheese regularly had lower blood pressure and lesser risk of heart failure. In addition to this spermidine is associated with longevity and also causes anti-aging processes including one that allows cell to clear out and recycle old parts.

But in order to reap benefits, you need to be as choosy with your cheese as you are when it comes to sex. Experts suggest that aged cheese and particularly varieties of blue cheese are the best at increasing lifespan.


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