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Drinking too much causes erectile dysfunction, say doctors

Being good in bed with your partner and having a healthy sex life are very important and that is often a problem if men have erectile dysfunction. While there are many reasons for erectile dysfunction, a new study confirms that alcohol is actually one of the main reasons for not getting an erection while having sex.

According to a report in the Express, men have higher chances of not getting an erection because of excessive alcohol consumption. While it has been said that little alcohol can boost confidence in men and give them an erection, drinking more than the usual limit of 14 units may lead to a problem as men get older. Dr Adam Simon, a chief medical officer with an online doctor service said that there isn’t really any set amount of alcohol that can make men impotent because not everybody responds to alcohol in the same way.

Dr. Simon explained that while blood vessels open to allow blood to flow to the penis, the blood vessels close to stop blood from going back during an erect and this cannot happen with too much of alcohol. The sperm count and quality of sperm are also affected because of too much of alcohol consumption. For men to be able to conceive they should have only around 14 units per week while spreading it over three days. 


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