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Go bold or go home

While chokers and dainty bracelets are still sported by fashionistas all over and have been dominating the fashion world for the last few seasons, statement accessories like the arm cuff, art school ear cuffs and long necklaces have made quite a bold comeback.

Not only are they sported extensively on runways at fashion weeks globally, but the trend is mixing well into street style as well! We get the deets from a few style gurus from the city, on how to up our accessory game this season.
Accessories have always been a form of individualistic expression, according to jewellery designer Anjana George Chemmanur. “Having one really good piece of jewellery has become almost mandatory now, as opposed to the tiny trinkets that were popular a while ago. The best part about these statement accessories is that they can be matched untraditionally and give off an edgy vibe to the outfit,” opines the designer of Juel World Jewellery.

Going bold, certainly seems to be the motto of the season! “A single bold earcuff or armcuff adds so much more to an outfit which is otherwise seen as simple. But I would suggest taking it easy, letting the attention be on one piece, rather than sporting a number of different pieces which can end up looking tacky,” says Anjana.

Adding an oomph to the garment, without taking much away from the designs, is the reason Deepika Govind swears by statement pieces. “They can either make or break a look. But what people must understand with such statement pieces, is that there must be a sense of control. A lot of people think over-doing it with a number of accessories makes it look glamorous but that’s definitely not the case,” the city-based designer opines. Neutralising the look, is key and that’s what Deepika swears by.

“Jewellery today is all about uniqueness. Sporting one statement ring, an arm cuff or a necklace can do wonders for the look, but all three together will be disastrous,” she says.

Apart from being comparatively inexpensive, these accessories also make it easier to transform your look from day to night. “Chunky long necklaces can be carried off well at work and add a glam quotient to the look for a night out if paired with strappy sandals or heels,” opines stylist Hemangini Shetty.

Going easy on statement pieces, is her mantra. “I like how versatile these pieces are. The arm looks equally good with Indian attire and adds a massive glam quotient to western outfits. The same goes with chunky rings. The only thing I’d watch out for, is clashing colours. Pairing gold and silver pieces together is a big no-no and a huge faux pas,” she says.


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