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Mum claims to get better orgasm after vaginal laser operation

A lot of women have said it is difficult for them to get an orgasm even after their lovers help them and that is really disappointing. A Londoner however has no problem after she recently got her vagina operated. The mother says she gets better orgasms after she got laser treatment done for her vagina.

According to a report in the Independent, a 38-year-old mother from London has reportedly said she now gets better orgasms after undergoing the Nu-V treatment at a clinic recently. She adds that because of her operation, her bedroom activities have “improved ten-fold” and her sex life has now become “much better” than before after the “vaginal facelift”. She even said it is god sent to her after the issues she had before the operation troubled her.
The woman had always suffered with a weak bladder that would make her leak even if she laughed; she also had a vaginal discharge always that hampered her sex life. She had to always think a step ahead so that she wouldn’t get into an embarrassing situation in public but after the operation her life has changed and sex has become better too.


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