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School Teacher Strips, Body Shames 5-Year-Old in Bengaluru

School Teacher Strips, Body Shames 5-Year-Old in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: A five-year-old girl studying in Bengaluru was stripped and body shamed by her class teacher.

This came to light when her mother took to Facebook seeking help from others in confronting the issue.

She said that ever since she admitted her girl in the East Wood School, she started crying and requesting her not to send her school.

“At first I ignored her as I thought maybe she needs time to adjust in her new school. But later when I ask her the reason of her daily crying, she told me that her class teacher used to beat her regularly,” she said, requesting anonymity.

“I requested her class teacher not to beat her. But after giving her three more chances to stop beating, she continues to beat my child as well the other children,” she added.

She said she brought this issue to the notice of the principal of the school who denied it, saying corporal punishment is banned in school. “But her last sentence was that a teacher doesn't have any other way to instill discipline other than beating, the mother said on Facebook.

After that, instead of stopping the beating, they came up with a new way of punishment, she alleged.

“The class teacher started pulling down the pant of her daughter forcefully but also made the rest of the class taunt her,” she said.

“The next part is threatening them that they will be taken to one dark room where one dog is kept & it will attack their private parts,” she added.

I was left with no option but to change the school, she said.

She said other parents are also concerned and do not approve of the methods of the school. However, they do not want to come forward as that would incur further wrath from the school authorities.

“The parents have already paid a donation of Rs 50,000 to the school authorities and any steps in addressing it through legally would mean losing that amount and the other headache of finding another school as final exams are just round the corner,” she said.

The accused teacher and the principal of the school were unavailable for comment.


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