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Watch: Girl's breast bursts in tattoo artist’s face while getting tattoo

The internet has some really interesting as well as weird stuff that plays for a few seconds but still manages to go viral. Recently a woman popped the buttons of her shirt with her 34J breasts and it went viral and now a woman’s breast burst in the face of a tattooist while she was getting a tattoo done at a parlour.

The video which has now gone viral because of its hilarity has a 25-year-old woman called ‘Mint’ getting a tattoo in a tattoo parlour in Thailand. While the tattooist is busy getting the tattoo on her arm, her boob suddenly explodes in his face. The tattooist taken by surprise actually falls of his chair before the video ends.
There are several reports that say that the woman had to put balloons so that she could promote her boyfriend’s tattoo parlour in another place. The surprising video has however gone viral and is being seen by many people across the world. The girl may have tried to promote the parlour but she definitely got the fame she didn’t expect at the end of the surprising video.


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