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Brazil: Wife shames husband's mistress, shaves her head, parades her naked

Cubatao, Sao Paulo: A woman from Brazil shaved another woman’s head and marched her down the road after she allegedly found the latter in bed with her husband.

According to a  report, the wife followed her husband to a friend’s apartment where she found him having sex with the 20-year old girl.
Infuriated, the wife attacked the mistress, shaved off her hair and even tore her clothes off. Then, she frogmarched her onto the road naked, with her two teenage sons on the road trying to garner more attention to the incident.

After the incident, the wife also took to bragging about it online, which sparked numerous complaints.

''I'll show you how you deal with the traitors of a married man. I just got this sl*t with my husband, ex-husband from today (sic),'' she wrote.

The husband, who didn’t stop his wife’s attacks, later helped his mistress find her clothes.

Police identified the victim when she was taken to the station by her sister to give a statement. The victim claimed that the man had told her that he was single and the affair had been going for five months.

The wife has been arrested and could face up to ten years in jail on multiple charges.


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