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What giving up sex can do to your brain

Men and women have sex and masturbate all the time but there are many who decide to refrain from having sex because there are many health benefits they have read on the Internet. A recent says it doesn’t really help improve creativity but it can depend on physiology, psychology and experiences.

According to a report in Broadly, swearing off sex doesn’t really help the body in any way and in fact having sex and getting orgasms have many health benefits. Sex therapist Dr. Nan Wise says that frequent ejaculations on the other hand actually help lower levels of prostrate cancer. While there are previous studies that state the testosterone levels peak after abstinence, it returns to normal and does not help in a better sex life.
While abstinence is not bad, having sex and masturbating regularly actually helps improve the blood flow in the body. It also helps activate certain parts of the brain which is a good workout needed often.


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