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ISIS priest calls Valentine’s Day a 'sin day', beheads red teddy bear

ISIS priest calls Valentine’s Day a 'sin day', beheads red teddy bear

New Delhi: An Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) prayer leader has registered his protest against Valentine’s Day by chopping the head of a teddy bear with a sharp knife.

DNA has cited a report by an Iranian daily and said the man beheaded a red teddy bear at a mosque in Mosul, northern Iraq, and threatened that it would be the fate of people who celebrate the ‘sin day’.

Albeit not so brutal like ISIS, yet there are countries or groups in various countries, which are against celebrating Valentine's Day.

On Monday, the Islamabad High Court imposed a ban on Valentine's Day celebrations across Pakistan.

The order came during the hearing of a petition arguing that the day was not part of Islamic tradition and should be banned, the Dawn reported.

According to the court order, Valentine's Day-related festivities have been banned in public places.

In Japan, as per an AFP report, members of ‘Kakuhido’, or the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women find Unattractive, unfurled a giant “Smash Valentine’s Day” banner as the party-poopers set off to try and overthrow the annual celebration of romance.

The grumpy comrades elicited curious looks from passers-by in the trendy Shibuya district where they rallied against commercialism and chanted other buzz-kill slogans such as “public smooching is terrorism!”


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