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Terrorism, failing economy make Pakistan most dangerous nation for the world: Ex-CIA official

New Delhi: Rampant terrorism, failing economy and its growing nuclear arsenal make Pakistan the most dangerous country for the world, says an ex CIA official. 

Hulbert, who served as the CIA's station chief in Islamabad, warned that if Islamabad fails to tackle these issues, Pakistan would have “adverse” implications for the rest of the world.

Pakistan is like the bank that is “too big to fail”, or “too big to allow to fail” because if it fails it could have catastrophic impacts on the economy, Kevin Hulbert said in an article on Cipher Brief, a portal for the intelligence community.

Hulbert said the US and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have provided billions of dollars in financial aid to Pakistan “because the spectre of the country collapsing presents the US President with more nightmare scenarios than probably any other country in the world”.

"While Pakistan is not the most dangerous country in the world, it probably is the most dangerous country for the world," Hulbert concluded.


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