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LIVE cricket updates, Ind A vs Aus 2017: Steve Smith, Shaun Marsh resurrect innings for visitors

LIVE cricket updates, Ind A vs Aus 2017: Steve Smith, Shaun Marsh resurrect innings for visitors

Mumbai: Live cricket updates from Day 1 of the warm-up match between India A and Australian team being played at Brabourne Stadium. Ahead of the four-match series, it's an excellent opportunity for Australian batsman to acclimatize to the conditions.

Overs 85 | Score 321/3 | Wade 2*, M Marsh 16*

Wade and Marsh continue with Australian treatment on India. The score is now looking mammoth to India

Overs 83 | Score 318/3 | Wade 0*, M Marsh 8*

But that is surely not the end of today's showdown. Boundaries are still coming in and target is increasing. Two back-to-back fours by Marsh.

Overs 82 | Score 310/3 | Wade 0*, M Marsh 8*

Finally a wicket. This time for captain Pandya. Gets Handscomb who was en route to the day's third half-century.

WICKET! Skipper Hardik Pandya sends back Handscomb for 45; Score 305/3

Peter Handscomb 45 ct Panchal b Pandya

Overs 80 | Score 301/2 | Handscomb 41*, M Marsh 3*

Mission accomplished for day 1 for the Aussies as they pile up 300 runs within the first day of the warm up test.

Overs 79 | Score 298/2 | Handscomb 40*, M Marsh 1*

Mitchell opens up his account while Handscomb is swiftly moving towards his half-century

Overs 78 | Score 295/2 | Handscomb 38*, M Marsh 0*

The Australian punishment continues with Nadeem on the attack. Just two off the over

Overs 77 | Score 293/2 | Handscomb 36*, M Marsh 0*

Just one run off the over, and Pandya still clueless

Overs 76 | Score 292/2 | Handscomb 36*, M Marsh 0*

Congratulation to Shaun Marsh for his brilliant innings. 100 off 171 balls and he too walks out retired hurt. Mitchell Marsh comes in for the Aussie showdown.

Overs 74 | Score 277/2 | Handscomb 30*, Marsh 95*

Nine fours and one six as Marsh is en route to his century. And with this is time to fly the white flag for Pandya's side.  

Overs 72 | Score 263/2 | Handscomb 27*, Marsh 84*

The Captain, and so is his side seems tired of finding out ways to stop the Aussies. At a run rate of 3.65, Australians are surely planning to take it past 300 before end of day's play

Overs 71 | Score 260/2 | Handscomb 26*, Marsh 82*

A four to start off the over . The duo just started off after the tea break and they have already notched up a 50-run partnership.

Overs 69 | Score 253/2 | Handscomb 21*, Marsh 76*

What a stroke! Beautiful boundary by Handscomb. He absolutely won't play defensive.  

Overs 67 | Score 246/2 | Handscomb 19*, Marsh 75*

The idea of getting another wicket now seems completely blurry for the home team who are struggling to find the right length and spell. The new batsman is slowly settling in which is another bad sign for the India A.


POST TEA BREAK: Overs 64 | Score 229/2 | Handscomb 9*, Marsh 68*

Captain Smith walks out retired hurt after scoring just 107. In walks Handscomb. Pandya also brings in two new lads on the attack- Leggi Shreyas Iyer and Medium Pacer Panchal.

Overs 57 | Score 211/2 | Smith 107*, Marsh 59*

There is no stopping of Smith. He looks even more promising now and won't seem to take things slowly. At least those are the words which each of his strokes are speaking. Eight off the over.

Overs 56 | Score 203/2 | Smith 101*, Marsh 57*

A spectacular display by the captain Smith as he held on to the crease after a difference of two wickets conquered by Saini.  

HUNDRED! A ravishing boundary and the captain gets his century. Steve Smith 100 off 154 balls.

Overs 52 | Score 184/2 | Smith 90*, Marsh 54*

Just after a half-century, its the captain marching towards his century. India is in some dire need of a remedy.  

Overs 50 | Score 184/2 | Smith 88*, Marsh 51*

Brlliant! Absolutely brilliant for Shaun Marsh who brought up his half century. Australia are in real control of the game, while India A seem to be struggling to get their next wicket.

Overs 45 | Score 175/2 | Smith 84*, Marsh 46*

After Smith, its time for Marsh. The batsman is slowly walking towards his half century.

 Overs 44 | Score 166/2 | Smith 77*, Marsh 44*

Fans finally got to see a boundary after a really long time. One to Dinda and one to new bowler Akhil. The offie has been brought in to bring a change. But alas! Australia seem much determined at not giving away another.

Overs 40 | Score 150/2 | Smith 69*, Marsh 35*

Dinda brought in again. Gives away three runs. And 150 up for the visitors. A magnificient innings by both batsmen. Good with patience amalgamated with occasional boundaries.

Overs 38 | Score 141/2 | Smith 64*, Marsh 32*

One off each over. These two batsmen are playing a splendid innings. India seriously needs to buckle up.

Overs 36 | Score 139/2 | Smith 63*, Marsh 31*

Is there no remedy to this mounting pressure for India?- is what Pandya must have been thinking. Smith and Marsh have taken their partnership to an applauding 84 runs.

Overs 33 | Score 128/2 | Smith 55*, Marsh 28*

An over, and no four. Small, yet a much needed difference for India. Just one off Saini's over.

Overs 32 | Score 126/2 | Smith 55*, Marsh 27*

There is no stopping for Smith. Yet another splendid boundary.   

Overs 31| Score 122/2 | Smith 51*, Marsh 27*

Saini is brought back, perhaps to make a difference, to get another Australian down. But four is what he gets as a reply from Marsh.

Overs 30| Score 117/2 | Smith 50*, Marsh 23*

Nadeem into the attack. But nothing can stop the Aussies from finding a boundary. Steve Smith brings up his fifty.

Overs 29| Score 112/2 | Smith 45*, Marsh 23*

A four to start off the over. Pandya is in serious trouble now, and so in India. Another one comes off Marsh. Its high time Pandya finds a remedy. Things are looking awry for the home side, as the Aussies draw nine off the over.

Overs 28| Score 103/2 | Smith 44*, Marsh 15*

Australia has come back even more stronger post lunch. 10 runs off this over. Smith is slowly marching towards his fifty.

Overs 27| Score 93/2 | Smith 37*, Marsh 12*

The two batsmen have taken their partnership to 36 runs . The pace-spin combo must do something before the duo comes heavy on the home team.

Post Lunch break session: Overs 25 | Score 84/2 | Smith 34*, Marsh 6*

Captain Pandya begins with the bowling attack after lunch. The home side will be aiming to get Smith off the crease. Just three off the over.

Lunch Break- Overs 24 | Score 81/2 | Smith 31*, Marsh 6*

A change in plan. Captain brings in left-arm spinner Nadeem into the attack. Just one off the over. 

Overs 23 | Score 80/2 | Smith 30*, Marsh 6*

Poor bowling by the captain as Pandya give away four-bye runs.

Overs 22 | Score 76/2 | Smith 30*, Marsh 6*

Smith is really looking like a tough target for the home side as he continues his affair with the boundary. He starts off with a four and gets six runs from the over.

Overs 21 | Score 70/2 | Smith 24*, Marsh 6*

A four in the first ball, but this time by Marsh. Just that one highlight off the over.  

Overs 20 | Score 66/2 | Smith 24*, Marsh 2*

Dinda opens up with three dot balls, which continues till the fifth. Marsh takes a run to resume strike. Aussie run rate is at 3.30

Overs 19 | Score 65/2 | Smith 24*, Marsh 1*

Marsh opens his account with a run. A brilliant stroke by Smith, Saini once again sent for a four. Smith seems to be enjoying his deliveries.  

Overs 18 | Score 60/2 | Smith 20*, Marsh 0*

Skipper has brought back Dinda into the attack and the bowler has been sent for a four. The change in plan has no effect as Dinda gives away 5 runs.

Overs 17 | Score 55/2 | Smith 16*, Marsh 0*

Saini is the man again. Another delivery and a similar dismissal. Renshaw departs for just 11 runs to add to his side. India has indeed answered back.

WICKET! Saini scalps his second wicket of the day. Opener Renshaw departs for 11. Score 55/2

Renshaw 11  ct Ishan Kishan b Amarjeet Saini

Overs 16 | Score 55/1 | Smith 16*, Renshaw 11*

Its now boundary time for Australia. Another over and another four by the captain. Pandya needs to answer back. 5 off the over.

Overs 15 | Score 50/1 | Smith 12*, Renshaw 10*

The opening ball and it is sent all the way to boundary. Smith has quite rightly given his side some breathing space after that four. And 50 comes up for the visitors.

Overs 14 | Score 46/1 | Smith 8*, Renshaw 10*

Just one run from Pandya's over. India seem to pile up pressure on the two batsmen. Smith is back at crease to face Saini.

Overs 13 | Score 45/1 | Smith 7*, Renshaw 10*

India has made a good comeback after the initial thrashing by Warner. Saini aimed at a yet another maiden, but conceded two runs off his over

Overs 12 | Score 43/1 | Smith 6*, Renshaw 9*

Skipper Pandya on the attack. Other opener Renshaw is taking things slowly. Just three runs off the over

Overs 11 | Score 40/1 | Smith 6*, Renshaw 6*

Captain Smith is out and sends a strong answer with his opening shot which traveled all the way to the boundary. Saini is back on the attack, this time aiming for the king. The medium pacer is indeed putting pressure on the two batsmen.

Overs 10 | Score 38/1 | Smith 5*, Renshaw 5*

Skipper Hardik Pandya seems to be little loose on his deliveries as Warner is wacking them off for boundaries. But the Indian side finally got a break by dismissing the danger man Warner. Saini indeed had the correct recipe for the opener.

WICKET! David Warner (25) departs after giving a brilliant start to the Aussies. Score 33/1

David Warner 25  ct Ishan Kishan b Amarjeet Saini 

Overs 5 | Score 30/0 | Warner 22*, Renshaw 5*

The Aussie openers have taken their team off to a good start. Together they have added 30 runs in the opening five overs with a run rate of 6.00


Australia: David Warner, Matt Renshaw, Steve Smith, Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Jackson Bird, Matthew Wade, Glenn Maxwell, Steve O Keefe, Josh Hazlewood, Nathan Lyon

Hardik Pandya (c), Priyank Panchal, Akhil Herwadkar, Shreyas Iyer, Ankit Bawne, Rishabh Pant, Ishan Kishan (wk), K Gowtham, Ashok Dinda, Shahbaz Nadeem, Navdeep Saini

TOSS: Hardik Pandya won the toss and invited Australia to bat first.

India A skipper Hardik Pandya earlier said the warm-up game against Australia would be a great opportunity for fringe players to impress the selectors ahead of the four-Test series.

David Warner, Steve Smith are two crucial batsmen for the visitors in the series and it's important from Australia's perspective that these two get off to a good start in the warm-up match.


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